Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Packing Tips for Kids

In order to do something to get the children. And is satisfied that it can spread the burden more, a little old, especially if you can own weight (literally, the past). 3-year effort, a backpack the size of our children and a plane, stuffed some clothes and diapers and toys. She is very good, in virtue of all, when I felt I needed to get diapers.

Not necessarily a package or suitcase per person, your father may have no clothes, are all fat and happy. To spread, dividing the weight of the suitcase when you are lost and to minimize inconvenience.

Backpacks and suitcases, some of these ideas. High strength, high quality and will look to buy. Travel luggage that is really true, the main goal is to get a solid impression bellboys and baggage handling, you bag of chips.

The most important thing is to lock your luggage /, will be held the catch, arthritis, if not destroy the software is easy to load, clothing, and packing a hard shell that is essential to the heavy If the toilet a lot is possible.